Yuha Cho

Learning visual art, communication and graphic design in New York, School of Visual Arts.

Born in South Korea, currently studying in New York and work personally in South Korea.
I am multidisciplinary; trend reading + advertising + graphic design + doing personal sculpture work + editing and writing.

I have broad interest in trend include fashion, food, food styling, music, interior, architect, etc. + Craftmanship is new interest currently.
New York is the best place to be in the center of world trend and it really helps me to understand the core purpose of the art.
Moreover, I enjoy travel around Europe and Asia.

My favorite fashion brand is Bode, and favorite interior studio is Green River Project.
I think Jacqueline Sullivan Gallery is one of the most contemporary gallery for a young antique collector trend.


(+82) 10 5469 3912
(+1) 646 799 6985
(+33) 6 86 36 33 97