Yuha Chois a graphic designer based in New York. Currenlty holding BFA Design at School of Visual Art and working at No Ideas.

SASU 2023 Look Book
Editorial Design 
SASU is a korean word meaning complete protection and tight defense. It is used in a situation where a person or a thing is in a desperate need of protection. The SASU 2023 collection is about protecting vulnerability but yet giving a placebo effect of gaining self confident.

SASU는 견고한 방어, 완전한 방어를 뜻하는 우리말이다. 사람이나 사물이 절실히 필요한 상황에서 사용된다. SASU 2023 컬렉션은 취약성을 보호하면서도 자신감을 얻는 플라시보 효과를 제공한다.
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